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M-F’s experience, know-how and warm relationships with bureaucratic authorities is the perfect cocktail for anyone seeking a service production. From project development and budgeting to catering – we take care of every single detail with great attention.

Established partnerships with crews in all Baltic states allows us to provide a location variety within Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

At our foundation is a high sense of responsibility to provide the best possible production solutions that are competitive in prices and keeps the high standard of quality.

We’ll serve You like no other.

Locations (83)

Latvia (33)

Latvia offers thousands of amazing locations to produce your film, commercial or tv programme. It is unique with its amazing nature and old gems.

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Lithuania (29)

Lithuania surprises with its gothic architecture. Though it has many treasures of nature, one may even find a dessert right behind a lonely dune.

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Estonia (21)

Estonia has a mixture of modern architecture and scenic settings all through the country. Being further up north, it definitely has some Scandinavian influences.

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