Your Home. Your rules

Life is a journey to your own house. And your own rules.

Libresse. Pure Sensitive

Your intimate skin senses everything, be kind to it.

Bug girl

A heartfelt and somewhat atypical story about Helen.

Mezpils city

Once you buy a beer, you buy a tree. Plant it so that one day it can grow into something big for all of us.

The Minimalists Garden

The stone courtyard combines Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism. Leave your mark.

Learning Languages

Want to learn a new language? Put on a movie, switch on subtitles, sit back and learn away.

The Foresters Bathroom

The forest feel for the bathroom. Leave your mark.

Tired Conductor

A metaphor of the digital age. Part 2

Tired bobsleighs

A metaphor of the digital age.

Tet Hostages

Got places to be, stuff to do, but The Cable Guy still hasn’t come.

Internet Detox. Tele2

Suppose everyone of us needs it from time to time.

Circle K Miles

Don’t stop too early, with Circle K Miles you’ll reach your destination.

To Sweat And Suffer? Oh Non!

Short introduction to taste life a la francaise.

Everywhere You Go

Neste Latvia is on your way wherever you go – to work, vacation, celebration or mischief.

Department Of Intuition

With Tet, every button is the right button.

Use The Internet Responsibly

What’s the balance of being present and on the internet?

What's Your Discovery?

The biggest surprise is yet to come.

Next Level

Everything you need to go to next level.

Pop Vakuutus

No one can compensate everything, so better choose easy and affordable insurance.

Aim To Mars

Mantra for dreamers, enthusiasts and anyone with an idea in their hearts.


Five stories of expedient service and good doings.

Always Looking For The Best

An uptempo one for Neste Latvia.

Surprise Me

In the world, where one has already seen everything, Helio thrives to flabbergast.

The Worlds Best Fans

Those, who are always by your side, no matter if you win or lose.


Rising from the bottle.

Get Warmer Fast

Damp autumnal weather gives You the blues? The best cure – adding some colour to it.

Yes? Yes! You Love It.

The controversial commercial for X-Card Latvia has earned worldwide attention it deserves.

Face The Hurdles

Following a rising star on the road to success. The struggles, the commitment, the goals.

Believe In Inspiration

What would you do if  obstacles, that you built in your mind, no longer exist?

Pay Less For More

When a surprise for Your girlfriend turns to be a surprise for Yourself.

Unexpected Turn

Summer came our way early. So why not bring a rooftop party to the next level?

Wildly Modern

A short introduction on how to get ready for modern day date.


The mythical place where the impossible gets done.


Liepāja is answer to Your creative, love, thinking, writing and all other blocks.

Conquer Yourself

The fiercest opponent to Yourself is You.


This is the BOMB.

Live To The Fullest

Powerful cars, one of a kind bikes, and music that brings You to new heights.

Dace Your A** Off

Come, join the happy ones.


Is catching up on her gym time at the last moment – right before the subscription ends.

Brunch of Your Life

When Your mind says “no”, but Your heart (and stomach) says “yes”, listen to Your heart.

The Golden Polo

When a deal is so good, You might end up with a golden Volkswagen Polo.


Over the years has become a pro in moving out.

Life Is a Choice

You choose to risk or not, to follow Your heart or Your guts, to do as everyone else or to be different.

ZZ Tours

Visit the most magnificent places on the earth, without overcharging.


There is a fine line between a Doer and a Talker. Do You know the difference?


Mārtiņš here has proved: if You have a passion – go at it! Tele2 provides such good service, that One may take and share photos even being underwater. Isn’t that rad?